Take a moment to tell lawmakers that NOW is the time to invest in housing.

Last week the Senate failed to pass its bonding bill, which included a significant investment in housing. The bill failed by one vote to reach the super majority needed to pass. 

Despite this setback, there is still hope. The House has yet to release its bonding bill. There are a lot of competing interests, and we have to keep housing a top priority. Now is the time to act. 

Please email or call your legislator with the following message:

Dear Representative or Senator,

In Minnesota, there is an insufficient supply of housing for extremely low-income renters in 86 of 87 counties. When one in eight Minnesota households pays half of their income for housing and 14,000 people are homeless on a given night, strategic housing investments are essential.

Please include $130 million in bonds for housing ($110M in Housing Infrastructure Bonds and $20M in General Obligation Bonds) and include senior housing in the final Capital Investment bill. This ask will: 

  • Develop or preserve housing for approximately 4,100 households throughout Minnesota;
  • Maintain federal and state investments in jeopardy¬†of being lost. This rental housing provides safety and stability for low-income individuals, families with children, and seniors;¬†
  • Expand homeownership opportunities through land trusts;¬†
  • Ensure safe and decent housing for residents of the state’s public housing.¬†

[optional: please provide a short narrative about what this investment would mean in your community]

Thank you, 

[Your Name]
[Email or phone contact information]

You can find your legislators here

Please let MHP’s Policy Director, Jeremy Schroeder know if you have any questions.¬†Email¬†or call him at¬†651-925-5548

Thank you for your support.

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