AUGUST 18, 2015


Chairman Adams called meeting to order at 9:02 a.m.

Chairman Adams turned meeting over to Patrick Goggles.

Opening blessing – Bernette White Plume gave opening blessing along with drum group – American Legion Post.  Patrick Goggles and Harvey Spoon Hunter, Northern Arapahoe Tribe. Dave Goggles of Northern Arapahoe Tribe.  Ivan Posey from Eastern Shoshone wanted to thank everybody for coming and welcome them to Wind River.  Patrick Goggles introduced Council Members and staff. 

Roll call taken by Secretary.   20 members present.  Quorum established. 

Approval of Agenda – Chairman Adams went over agenda with the additions and deletions.  Election of Treasurer is going to be added to agenda, 501 c 3.  Randy Akers will not be here today, but will be here tomorrow.  Jason went over agenda.  Jack Sawyers made a motion to approve the agenda.  2nd by Patrick Goggles.  Discussion.  Motion carried. 

Approval of Minutes –Jon Warner of NW Band of Shoshone made a motion to approve minutes of March 30, 2014 with corrections.  2nd by Eastern Shoshone.  Discussion.  Date should be 2015. Motion carried.

President’s Report

Chairman Adams – It has been an honor to serve.  This whole national trend to treat Tribes different. The large land based Tribes are being treated different by HUD, I don’t know why. There is a lot of staff turnover.  If you are a new Executive Director, please stand up.  Welcome!  James Emogy from Utah Paiute. 

We are going to be discussing negotiated rulemaking.  The negotiations part of the negotiated rulemaking is over.  We will get into the outcome a little bit later.  We hired Kevin Klingbeil to evaluate data sets.  We printed the report.  HUD spends tens of millions of $’s.  We did it at our own cost.   During NAIHC’s time on the agenda we will be talking about a bill that has passed.  We need to talk specific strategy here.  What is going to happen, if we don’t get anything done, next year is election year.  Another issue that needs to be mentioned is the training.  The importance of 703, we need to discuss it tomorrow when we have HUD here.  Another issue that we want to talk about a little bit, is the current state of AMERIND.  The charter is a concerning issue.  The last issue is probably the most discerning.  We have been trying to bring light to this, the meth issue.  Randy will be talking about this tomorrow. 

Sharon Vogel – As you know there are several people that did really hard work on these issues.  The negotiated

Rulemaking issues.  I want to acknowledge Jason Adams commitment and give you this gift.  Jason -I followed in the footsteps of people who taught me how to make a difference.  

Patrick Goggles introduced several people.

Chairman Adams – The next on the agenda is the election of the treasurer.  What we have done traditionally is that we have 4 officers and two from each region.  Doug was from Region V.  I would like to entertain a motion for a nomination for Treasurer.  Sharon made a motion to nominate Joey Nathan from Northern Ponca for Treasurer.  2nd by Oglala.  Discussion.  All in favor. 

Chairman Adams requested to have by acclamation for Joey Nathan as Treasurer.  All in favor by acclamation. 

Chairman Adams wanted to recognize Jack Sawyers, Sharon Vogel and Lafe Haugen for all the time and effort they put into the negotiated rulemaking, Negotiations have finished, it was an interesting process.  UNAHA spent a lot of money, but it was good. We can evaluate and we did that.  Reauthorizations passed House, setting on Senate floor.

Special strategy- Barusso and Tester strategized to get NAHASDA reauthorized.  T/TA – we continue to beat our heads against the wall.  It wasn’t broke, HUD had to fix it.  Current state of AMERIND- The 3 Tribes that created AMERIND need to agree on the amendments, two of which have. 

Treasurer’s Report -Bob Gauthier gave Treasurer’s Report.  Balance Sheet as of August 12, 2015.


Community Bank Checking - $9,7ll.71

Community Bank Savings -    $50,133.22

Total Checking/Savings     - $59, 844.93

Total current assets -$59, 844.93

Liabilities and Equity

Opening Balance Equity   - $ 93, 523.65

Unrestricted Net Assets    - ($20,927.34)

Net Income                        - ($12,751.38)

Total Equity                           $59,844.93


Salish made a motion to approve Treasurer’s Report.  2nd by Patrick Goggles – Northern Arapahoe.  Discussion.  All in favor.

Old Business

Bob – We had donations of $4,100 for the data work.  501c3 amendments- Bob discussed the amendments to the By – Laws that needed to be added to apply for the 501 c 3.  2 definitive statements in our by-laws UNAHA was created in 1985 and chartered in 1986.  Resources that we have access to, we were awarded a $50,000. Grant. 

The 3 amendments to the Charter and By-Laws of UNAHA were read.   Utah Paiute made a motion to approve amendments.  2nd by Santee Sioux.  Discussion.  The Amendments to the Charter as presented were passed unanimously by a vote of 20.  All in favor. 

Associate members present were recognized.  HDS, Vital Spirit and Bear Claw. 

NAIHC report – Chancy Kittson couldn’t make it he had a medical emergency.  Stuart Langdeau – gave his report.  2016 Budget – ICDBG – during NCAI there was some unfavorable comments regarding that program.  They were talking about scratching the whole program.  Another program – Drug Elimination Program is a memory. 

IHBG – 650 million

Section 184 – 7 million

ICDBG – 80 million

T/TA – 0

Legislative Committee – NAIHC

If the Board does formally vote, I am going to vote for the House bill. 

Last year we did not have a Legal Symposium – We are having it this year December 7-9, 2015 at the Venetian.

NOFA -2015 Community Compass – September 25, 2015.

Chairman Adams – How are things going progressing with the new ED?  Stuart – I thinks she is very resourceful.  I have a lot of faith in her. 

Chairman Adams – That position is very important for the NAHASDA reauthorization.  HR360 passed.  Senate bill – Unexpended funds are a part of that. 

Barusso introduced S710 – I think we should find a way to utilize this. 

30% rule effort – We have been asking for relief from that.  HR360 does have that.  S710 has a word change.  710 was released at Banking Committee.  September 8, they will be back in session.  We need to push hard for Senate.  It is up to Senator Barusso.  We need the bill hot lined through the Senate.  We need to ask him to set his bill aside and approve HR360.  It could go right to the President’s desk. 

Patrick – It would have to go through conference.  It has the 703 position. 

Appropriations wants T/TA language in that bill.  It is being farmed out to vendors who are not native.  I am looking to you for direction.  Bob – Piggyback what Patrick said to you.  Training has to be taught under self- determination.  Guys like Wayne Duscheneaux knew the definition of self Determination.

Chairman Adams – We want 703 funding. Barusso is the key. 

Ivan – Oglala – Homeless is the priority.  Need to recognize efforts of Sharon, Jason, Kevin, Lafe and Jack.  Ivan made a motion made to recognize their efforts on the negotiated rulemaking of Jason, Kevin, Lafe and Jack. 

Chairman Adams – Reauthorization – 360 does cap appropriation at 650 million.  President’s budget 750 million.  I think it is important that we need to do something. 

Senate doesn’t have any specific language.  Carefully worded preference 360 in its present form. 

Salish made a motion that Dave H. draft up something to sponsor the bill and draft a resolution to be approved by UNAHA.  2nd by Eastern Shoshone.  All in favor.

AMERIND Report- Lafe Haugen

At the Annual conference in Scottsdale, some of our Board members are trying to see if he can serve another term.  Phil Bush’s term is up next year.  The three sponsoring Tribes have to approve it.  Salish, Red Lake and Santa Ana. 

Claims have been high this ¼.  There has been changes in the square footage coverage.   There is a Semi-annual meeting in the 1st week of October. 

Jack Sawyers – AMERIND business meeting in October.  Chairman’s longevity.  Asking Jason if he is willing to be Chair of AMERIND. 

There are programs that aren’t communicated to you folks.  Having the Board hammer out some of the things. 

Bob – What we did is we asked HUD to be our regulators.  1st and foremost.  There are 10,000 uninsured units. 

Chairman Adams – I can talk to my wife on that issue.

There is a formal process that AMERIND has.  Santa Ana and Red Lake have passed it.  Salish has not.  They want to take them out of charter and put them in by-laws.  Yearly with no term limit. 

Jack Sawyers made a motion to nominate Jason Adams to run for AMERIND Chairman.  2nd by Tom Yellow Wolf.  All in favor. 

NLIHC presentation- Pinky Clifford – I have been here a little over 2 years.  I think it is important that UNAHA

become a member.  Paul Kealy- Chief Operations Officer present to give presentation on behalf of NLIHC.    Patrick presented Paul with a gift. 

Break for lunch at 12:25

Reconvened at 1:40

Legislative Update

Chairman Adams – The negotiated Rulemaking committee process got underway.  Whole process was the formula.  Review the mechanics and find out if it was doing what it was supposed to be doing.  It is to be reviewed every 5 years. 

Needs of FCAS work group – 1000.300 – Affect the formula in its entirety. 

24 members

22 – HA members

2 – HUD people. 

Data source primarily comes from census.  Where we could get new variables is AEL and FMR. 

USDA 515 program report administrative cost.  The pie amount remained the same in the end, nothing changed. 

Sharon – There were public comments.  There were changes in the Public Comment period.  Within a year from now there will be a meeting.  The data run will not affect you for 2 years.  HUD – What will change they will use ACS in 2018.  Chapter 11 made recommendations on how they can be improved. 

Kevin Klingbeil – Data sources first or do they discuss variables.  They don’t do the things you need them to do in Tribal housing.  Looked at the education data.  Characterization – Came to the conclusion in evaluation stage. 

Support data source.  Discussion on formula areas.  Critical piece is the core data source – 2000 census. 

National Tribal Survey.  Proposal for National Tribal Survey was a grand one. 

2010 census outcomes.  Holding out and having everyone examine their current data.  Created a record for this Region.  Where are the funding sources going to come from?  NCAI is going explore.  BIA in its proposed budget is to evaluate. 

Kevin – I appreciated working with the Negotiated Rule Making Committee.  Thanks for letting me work with you on it.  You can challenge the #’s in the current funding.  We are going to randomly select them, the census was a point in time.  There are 66 challenges. 

Chairman Adams – Gather the info from Kevin and follow up on it. 


John Steele – Chairman of Oglala, Patt Iron Cloud – Vice Chairman, Fort Peck, Doug Yankton – Vice Chairman Spirit Lake were at the meeting in Scottsdale last week. 

Dave Heisterkamp – Every morning last week we met with all the Tribe’s, HUD can’t leave the table saying

they had consensus.  HUD is in the position that the Tribe’s will have reached a consensus.  It is not just a Northern Plains issue.  PDR – Assistant Secretary – You’ve concluded that piece.  This is a Tribal issue.

Part 85 to Part 200.  Saying in 2015 continue to use Part 85.36. 

VASH vouchers notice come out September 1.  30-60 days for HUD to review.  There is 4 million $’s nationwide. 

Chairman Adams – From our earlier discussion Dave drafted a resolution.  Resolution was read. 

Stuart Langdeau made a motion to approve of draft resolution as presented by attorney.  2nd by Patrick Goggles.

Dave – All West Basketball tournament April 1-3, 2016.  Teams should be there by March 31st to start play on April 1st

Nuggets will be playing the Sacramento Kings Saturday night.  Chairman Adams – I would fully support this. 

Stuart – Jason – ACS whole committee gave us one year to evaluate other data sources.  We didn’t have consensus of the committee, HUD can make a decision.  Change or improve, we still have to work for a Tribal survey. 

Tom Yellow Wolf – 2018 start time.  We proved through negotiated rulemaking.  October 1, 2017, now it is left to HUD.  2018, they are going to start announcing changes.  We had our shot and we couldn’t come to a consensus. 


Bob – We applied for a $50,000. grant was awarded.  Now, we can apply for VASH vouchers.  Shoot for getting 100 vouchers.  Workshop is for everybody that wants to put in application.  Supportive Housing Services. 

Chairman Adams – We wanted to talk a little bit about this meeting for next year.  Sharon Vogel – We would like to hose a meeting in South Dakota. 

Associate Members were given time. 

Vital Spirit


Bear Claw

Chairman Adams said we would like to thank Patrick and Joe for hosting this meeting.  Meeting adjourned at 3:33 p.m.