UNAHA Annual Meeting

Denver, CO

March 31, 2014


Meeting called to order by Chairman Adams at 9:03.

Roll call taken by Secretary. There are 25 members present. Quorum established.

Jack Sawyer led meeting in prayer.

Chairman Adams requested approval of the agenda with changes mentioned. Randy Akers has to catch a flight and asked that the HUD report be moved up on the agenda. Jack Sawyer made a motion to approve the agenda. 2nd by Spirit Lake. All in favor.


Approval of Minutes of 1/4ly meeting in Las Vegas, NV on December 8th and 9th,2013. Jack Sawyer made a motion to approve minutes of December 8 & 9th, 2013 in Las Vegas. 2nd by Eric Spady. All in favor.


HUD Update – Randy Akers – 9:14 a.m.

Neg reg has been reauthorized. Appropriation NPONAP. T/TA – Quite a few trainings- May 20 and 21 Billings. Procurement July 9 & 10. Occupancy – September 9-11.
Self Monitoring training

Technical Assistance – There are resources for on site technical assistance. Call Katie Sam or myself. There has been some staff changes – Lori Roget has been selected to fill Mike Boyd’s replacement. We should be filling Deborah Keil’s position soon. Indian Housing Block Grants are almost all in. We are working with HQ to get grant agreements out in 2 weeks.

The ICDBG NOFA is out.

Lori said some of our TDHE’s that have been left over from 1937 act, remaining amounts for equity should be paid out by April 4th. I am still acting as the Grants Evaluation Director. APR’s for Mach 31st are due June 30th. You can get a 30 day extension. Audits for 6-30-13 are due March.

HUD will be doing 9 on site monitoring visits this year.

There is a whole bunch of notices and guidances out you can go to code talk if you want to see them.

Section 184 Program is rolling along. This fiscal year 66 loan guarantee certifications were issued.

Question asked, why does it take so long. Bank 2 took 60-90 days for Trenton. Randy –I will get with Deanna Lucerno. Sharon Vogel – How many off reservation? Randy – 90% of loans are off reservation.

50 million –on reservation

450 million off reservation

Sharon – I would like to see nationwide.

What is the Navajo status and are they officially in our region?

Randy – It is a temporary measure. We are monitoring the situation closely. It has been over 2 years.

As long as they tell us to do that we will. They are not a paid member. Randy – We are working with Navajo, there are several things we have done concerning the pipeline. They are spending more money than they used to. Grants Evaluation is doing oversight. We don’t oversee ICDBG on Navajo.

Jim W – The 2 administrative actions . Both to recover and one for unexpended funds. What stage are they at. Randy – The lawyers would discourage me from talking about it. We are making some progress.

Dicky S – Why isn’t SW office being jacked up on why they are not expending. Stuart – The unexpended balance is still over 400 million and that is without this years allocation.

Randy – October 1, 2011 – Pipeline 451 million. 1st year expended 76 million. 2nd year 142 million expended. 3rd year 51 million as of this week. 17 million more than they spent.

Ivan – On the 184, there are 66 loans for our area. We don’t know if there is a problem. This info is communicated to this organization. Can you make more information available. The bank is the one that loans the money. Jason – We will get more info. Ivan – The criteria and the process. Randy – We will get you the information.

Jason – How many requests have been received for T/TA? Randy – We received 7 requests. One is complete. We try to get them started within one week of receipt.

The electronic filing of the APR is a year out.

Chairman’s Report

We made changes when the Board met. Board expanded services of our attorney. Working on expanding associate members, we wanted to work on paid membership. Address change. T/TA needs.

UNAHA – At some point we need to get our 502 c3. Let us know is we are meeting your needs. The GAO Report is on the radar.

3 items

  1. T/TA issue – in my opinion they missed the point. 703 law Congress wanted us to do that.
  2. Environmental review – one environmental report is being raised.
  3. Funding – Unexpended funds.

Bob – GAO Report – HUD disagreed We will have that up on the UNAHA website on Wednesday.

Senate version does everything we want it to do, since that time Congressman Pierce put in his bill. The process he is bringing to the table, I couldn’t find any Tribe that he consulted with.

HR4277 – Congressman Young’s office – Both bills have language for 703. Secretary has the authority to make changes.

NAIHC has lost more staff, they are not going to be able to fulfill your requests. Losing advocacy role. We will be having more discussion on this. Stuart – If you go to the NAIHC website, NAIHC is endorsing some things the Board hasn’t authorized.

Jack Sawyer – Our organization should apply for T/TA. Alaska is the only region that has been successful in getting the dollars. Alaska sent letter to NAIHC to focus on advocacy. Bob G. – They are starting to reduce the administrative monies.

Jason discussed the Negotiated rulemaking formula run that was produced using the American Community survey information.

2014 budget changes made in President’s budget changed the fee for the 184 from 1% to 1.5 %.

2015 language in report on unexpended funds only 3 years of grant. Last year 970, this year 760 million. The amount in pipeline is in excess of our annual amount.

Treasurer’s Report

Dicky Schroeder final report – He could not attend the meeting, we have a new changing account. $17,661.48 in Checking

$57,465.89 – new

$70,782.76 in savings

TOTAL $145,860.13 – Total working capital. Listed check #’s and amount.

Dicky – I am currently up for election for the AMERIND board. Monica – Rosebud – When were the two accounts approved? Jason – We specifically talked about phasing out the account with Wells Fargo.

Discussion on new account. Jason – Whoever is elected can decide. Lafe – I nominate Clayton for Treasurer. Clayton, I can not take the position. Dicky – Receive requests for payment. Pay vendor, two signatures for payment. Dicky – I recommend a savings account be opened. Give you guys a written request. Jon Warner – UNAHA – administration prior to that checks were getting spread around. Dicky – I had the stamp and I was mailing them in,. Ivan – You were saying there is two signatures on the new account.

Discussion. Any other comments on Dicky’s report? Jack Sawyer made a motion to accept Treasurer’s Report. 2nd by Lafe. All in favor. Break 10:50. Meeting called back to order at 11:08.

AMERIND update – Derek Valdo – Bob – We will post AMERIND update on Wednesday.

Today we protect over 10 Billion for 420 Tribes. 7,000 Tribal government – protected. Operations performance – 76 % of expectation. 9% of growth. 27 years income and operation 9.3 million.

Investment income – 5.3 million. Net assets increased 13.8 million. Reduced operation budget by 1.7 million. AMERIND – 100% Indian owned insurance company. 22.5 –in operational costs

50% - Native American. 750,000 for each staff member. First native American in IT team.

Regional fire loss